We found Artemis!!!

I had the happiest waking up experience of my life this morning- Kyle placed my lost kitty into my arms. I took a second to realize what was going on, hugged her tight, and then just burst into tears of disbelief and happiness. Each day for the past week we have been canvassing the neighborhood, searching at different times of the day and night, and about to lose our minds from the mental and physical effort.

Last night, we went out to dinner at Tin Lizzy’s Mexican with Kyle’s parents and some friends. I wore my perfume and he wore cologne for the occasion. He bought a thermal camera that arrived yesterday (called Flir, review forthcoming), so we wanted to wait until it was dark and the heat from the sun had cooled down so we could use it. Around 11 PM we headed out, searching the places people said they had last seen her, and found a small cat sitting on top of someone’s fence. It was difficult to tell, but we think it was Artemis. The cat quickly jumped off the fence into someone’s back yard and was gone after that.

Dejected and disappointed after getting so close, we went home. After getting ready for bed, I was very tired and getting comfortable when Kyle said he was going to go back out. I was sure that we weren’t going to catch her if she didn’t want to be caught and that she was probably pretty well hidden at this point.

This morning, Kyle went to let the dogs out and heard a small meowing at the front door. She had made her way back!! She is in perfect condition- she was not hurt and looked almost like she had never left! We are inclined to think that she smelled our perfume and cologne and was able to trace the scent back to the house. If anyone reading this is missing a pet, don’t give up hope!!

My kitty is missing :'(

Today is a sad day. Last night, Kyle and I realized that our kitty Artemis wasn’t coming around our bed for her nightly cuddles. With the three dogs, she usually is off doing her own thing, so it’s not uncommon to go hours without seeing her. She is exclusively an indoor cat, but is content and loves sitting by the window in the sun.

We have cameras guarding every entrance to our house, and we reviewed all of the footage– we don’t see a single indication that she could have slipped out, yet we’ve scoured every single room to no avail. It’s baffling, and even more frustrating not knowing when or how it happened. The last time we saw her on camera was on Saturday at 8:16 PM, so she could have left Saturday night or during the day on Sunday.

I’m distraught. She doesn’t get as much attention as the dogs, but I love her; she was my first pet I had on my own, and I desperately want her to come back. We’ve left the garage door cracked with her bed, used litter box (they say the scent helps bring them back), and some food. We have motion detection for the cameras turned on so that we get an alert any time something moves out there.

I don’t know what else to do. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I will keep updating as we continue to search. ❤

The Journey Begins


Hi, I’m Kay. Welcome to my blog! I am 28 years old and live with my boyfriend Kyle, our three dogs, and our cat. I’m all about taking small steps to accomplish big changes. I have a number of goals that I’ll be documenting through my blog, and I hope you join me through the progress! Some of my major interests include improving:

  • The decor of my house and landscaping
  • My cooking skills
  • My makeup skills
  • My smile through an 18 month Invisalign treatment
  • My wine-tasting knowledge
  • My overall fitness level and variety of exercise

I’ll also just be documenting events from everyday life!! I’d love to connect if you have any questions about any of my projects!