Xavier Steak with grilled asparagus and Swiss cheese

I tried a new recipe tonight! This steak on allrecipes looked just too good. The recip called for marinating the New York Strip in Worcestershire sauce, which I was positive that we had… except that of course we didn’t. So I seasoned the steaks the way I normally do with olive oil and typical steak seasoning before throwing them on the grill.

The recipe calls for medium-high heat, but apparently Kyle had it on the higher end, which I would change if I did it over, since I like my steaks medium-rare. He didn’t want cheese on his, so I also ended up leaving mine on the grill for a minute longer to melt the cheese.

Overall it was good, not great. The asparagus was perfectly grilled, but would have been just as good separate from the steak. The cheese didn’t add much flavor or texture; the steak and it’s accompanying seasoning was overpowering the flavor of the cheese.

Going forward, I’ll probably just stick with my tried-and-true plain seasoned steaks on the grill… but I’m glad I tried it this once!

Taste: 5

Ease: 7