My kitty is missing :'(

Today is a sad day. Last night, Kyle and I realized that our kitty Artemis wasn’t coming around our bed for her nightly cuddles. With the three dogs, she usually is off doing her own thing, so it’s not uncommon to go hours without seeing her. She is exclusively an indoor cat, but is content and loves sitting by the window in the sun.

We have cameras guarding every entrance to our house, and we reviewed all of the footage– we don’t see a single indication that she could have slipped out, yet we’ve scoured every single room to no avail. It’s baffling, and even more frustrating not knowing when or how it happened. The last time we saw her on camera was on Saturday at 8:16 PM, so she could have left Saturday night or during the day on Sunday.

I’m distraught. She doesn’t get as much attention as the dogs, but I love her; she was my first pet I had on my own, and I desperately want her to come back. We’ve left the garage door cracked with her bed, used litter box (they say the scent helps bring them back), and some food. We have motion detection for the cameras turned on so that we get an alert any time something moves out there.

I don’t know what else to do. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I will keep updating as we continue to search. ❤

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